Guerrilla Girls On Tour is an anonymous theatre collective whose mission is to create new plays that dramatize women’s history and address the current state of women in the performing arts and beyond. Our performances use comedic, physical, and vaudevillian-like techniques to prove that feminists are funny. In order to put the focus of our work entirely on the issues we address each member performs under the name of a dead woman artist and wears a gorilla mask to conceal her true identity.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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A poster inspires a poster at Coastal Carolina University! What's the biggest obstacle to feminism? Hmmmmmm.......

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Esther Essinger said...

No, it's brainwashing that is the biggest obstacle, the cultural residue of five thousand years of patriarchal and misogynistic traditions that train us to sabotage each other. The examples are innumerable. The contemporary form of address "you guys" , ubiquitous in the media and colloquial speech, "disappears" women by canceling us out just as "mankind" and "Mrs." do. Worst of all is the word "God". If you want male domination with all its rape and wars and violence as "entertainment" in sports and the media, this word alone goes far to accomplish it, because a male
"supreme being" validates the efforts of males to maintain supremacy.

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