Sunday, March 25, 2012


How much do I LOVE touring to RED STATES? Let me count the ways:

1) The people come out in droves…they drive from cities and towns hours and hours away because they support feminism and want to show that there are feminists everywhere – even in conservative red states.

2) You get to see landscapes (corn fields) and wildlife (horses) that you don’t see walking down 2nd Avenue.

3) People talk A LOT during the Q and A’s after our performances

4) People talk A LOT during “Announcements from the Audience” and tell us about cool events like the WOMAN HOUSE project at UNL Lincoln.

5) Our student volunteer picks the name of a dead woman artist we’ve never heard of before i.e. Elmira “Buffalo Bone” Jackson. Check her out:

6) The car rental place gives you a Lincoln Town Car because you are in Lincoln, NE.

Edith Evans and sculpture at Sheldon Museum of Art

Guerrilla Girls On Tour! made their very first visit to Nebraska today – Bea Arthur, Edith Evans and myself, Aphra Behn, were thrilled to fly to Omaha and drive to Lincoln in our Lincoln. What a tank!

We performed “Feminists Are Funny, the Corn Huskers edition” to a sold out audience at the Sheldon Museum of Art on the UNL campus. The UNL campus sits smack in the middle of Lincoln so the campus is fully integrated into the city. After a fantastic introduction by museum director Jorge Daniel Veneciano, we hit the stage and didn’t come up for air until the standing ovation. Yes, Corn Huskers rocked the house and were the most amazing audience we’ve had this season – thank you, thank you for being so vocal, so with it and so much a part of our show. We pride ourselves in the audience participation parts of “Feminists Are Funny” and you did not disappoint. We cannot wait to return.

Monkey Love,

Aphra Behn

March 12, 2012