Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Monkey Business at ODU!

Azucena Villaflot comin at ya!
Darling Journal,
Yee haw!  What an action packed pair of days!  I met up with the girls in the wee hours of the morn, ready to jet-set down south.  Well, we may have been ready but the jet had a bit of trouble getting started.  Not to worry – all it needed to do was “power down”!  Apparently, planes function similarly to laptops these days.  Who knew?  After only a brief moment of feeling the need to call my mother and tell her I loved her, all was well and we were taxing down the runway.  Of course I did what I always do on airplanes.  Sleep with my mouth open.  Before I knew it we were in Norfolk (which I still can’t pronounce without making it sound like a dirty word).
Isadora Duncan, Me, Bea Arthur 
Virginia is very green – a lovely change from New York City grey. We made our way from the airport and checked into the hotel where everyone felt compelled to say “Hello, how are you?”  Fascinating.  Next, we skipped over to Old Dominion University!  Whoo hoo!  Rehearsals went smoothly, especially after Josh showed up to save us when our student volunteer suddenly remembered she had a class!  Now I’ve heard ‘em all.  But we lucked out with Josh -- one of the most enthusiastic volunteers I have ever seen.  Thank you Josh!  You rock (and are now a permanent Baboon Boy member of the GGOT’s. 
The show (Silence is Violence) was a blast!  Even though the audience numbers may have been small, they were fierce.  Just another example of how size doesn’t mean a darn thing!
The girls had a delicious post-show outing where I was able to try my first “Norfolk Nojito”!  Similar to a Mojito except you get to put some muscle into it and mull your own mint right at the table!  After this long day, we all did like trees and slept like logs (mouth closed this time).  The following morning was spent at the beautiful Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  Here we witnessed turtles, butterflies, trams full of children, and more trees!  What a lovely way to say goodbye to this fair state. 
Can’t wait for the next Guerrilla Girls On Tour Adventure!
Hugs and kisses,
Azucena Villaflor