Saturday, December 2, 2017

That’s A Wrap, 2017!

December 2017

There is always something sad about the last tour stop of the season. This year it was at Marist College where I would present “Act Like aFeminist Artist” for the last time in 2017. Marist did not disappoint! Students and faculty flooded the aisles of Fusco Recital Hall ready with questions – eager to catch a banana. (It was lunch time after all…)

The last banana toss of 2017!
As I clicked through my presentation I thought about all the places I have been lucky enough to visit this year – from Decatur to Carbondale; Missoula to Poughkeepsie. Every tour stop guaranteed me a few interactions with ass kicking feminists - boots on the ground activists, pushing back against patriarchy and #45. Every one inspired and filled me with new strategies to push back against the status quo.
Marist College Crowd
Thank you, Marist College, for a great wrap up to the year, especially Dr. Angela Laflen, director of both the writing program and the women’s center. My visit to Marist was the perfect end to a year that began with tears and fears for our country and a women’s march for the history books. Now as the year comes to an end, I know “we got this,” – feminist faith is something that will jettison me into 2018.

Act Like A Feminist Artist 

Stay tuned for “PUSH/PUSHBACK, 9 steps to create change with Activism and Art” – my new talk for 2018 making tour stops in Pennsylvania and beyond.

See you on the road.