Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arkansas Diary #2

(Me on left, and Aphra)

Hey Diary,

I'm sitting at my post modern, neo-classical, hand carved, bio-degradable wooden desk. I am staring out the window. It is winter still in Hell's Kitchen New York City, but oh my diary, it was spring in Arkansas. Arkadelphia, Arkansas to be precise. What a beautiful place and what a glorious time I had!!!

It was national 'Hug a Lesbian Day!' Imagine a country as repressed as the United States of America having such a day. I was very patriotic. I hugged lesbians - liberal lesbians, conservative lesbians, smart lesbians, silly lesbians, short haired lesbians, long haired lesbians, blue haired lesbians, shy lesbians, outgoing lesbians, hot lesbians, mousy lesbians, Harry Potter loving lesbians, jean wearing lesbians, hip hop lesbians, classical lesbians, athletic lesbians, studious lesbians, southern lesbians, feminist lesbians, and there I stop. Who knew there could be so many lesbians on a campus of 3500!

I was also very honored that the Vice President of the school attended the performance and said afterwards he learned a lot from our show. I was very happy to hear that. Sometimes I look into my family heirloom-passed down from many generations-too big for my apartment-but too sentimental to throw away- mirror and say to myself "Edith, Why do you still go around making a spectacle of feminism? Everyone knows what equality means." But in reality, everyone does not. It is still a confusing concept for some.

Let me assure you there is enough space, homes, lovers, jobs, religions, politics, flowers, clouds, blue skies, shooting stars and dreams for everyone to live their lives without discrimination. There just is.

(me on right and Josephine)

Think of it this way. We learned on arriving at Henderson State University that there is now a Women's Study minor. Has anyone not been able to major or minor in their desired subject because a Women's Study minor now exists? Does anyone feel that his or her major has been sullied or devalued because a Women's Studies minor now exists? Does anyone feel they are becoming more liberal, more articulate, more fashionable, more worldly, have a larger vocabulary, more empowered, more likely to buy a ticket to a play written or directed by a woman, or more prone to fits of osteoporosis because a Women Studies minor now exists on the HSU campus? (careful, this may be a trick question.)

That's all for now. I love you Henderson! Good night, and good luck!

Xo Edith Evans

March 17, 2011