Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review of UN/MASKED by Sarah Downs on The Front Row Center

It has been eleven weeks since Skyhorse published 

Thanks to everyone who has read the book and posted a review on Amazon or Goodreads!  If you are thinking of purchasing UN/MASKED, read what Sarah Downs wrote on THE FRONT ROW CENTER :

In a fresh, easy style (Kaz) leads us on her journey of discovery, loss and redemption.  With humor and a distinct lack of self-pity, she retells the history of a life on the verge, a career derailed, and ultimately one of success.  She is no weak sister.  Alternating scenes from her recent life as a writer with the story of her early years and her time in Hollywood, Kaz evokes the past and present at once, meeting herself in the middle.   We meet her as she is today – successful playwright and Guerrilla Girl, but also as she was as a na├»ve young woman searching for her unique identity.  When she turns from her own career to follow her man to Hollywood, Kaz loses herself, overshadowed by her glamorous, imposing lover with his outsize ego and outsize capacity for violence.  She sacrifices her own career as she is drawn into a life of domestic abuse, with its revolving door of beatings and passionate rapprochements.  It is only after she ‘escapes’ the prison of this destructive love affair that she rediscovers her love of writing and so reclaims her life.

Throughout this memoir, Kaz collapses the various layers of her life – thwarted actress, budding writer, latent activist, undiscovered feminist – to step out from behind the mask of her personal history.  She declares: I’m still here and I like it.  And I’m not going away.
*  Aphra Behn, 17th century British playwright, poet, translator and author.

Read the entire review here: http://thefrontrowcenter.com/2017/01/book-review-unmasked-memoirs-guerrilla-girl-tour/

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I will be posting photos of the Women's March NYC in the next few days.

- Aphra Behn, Guerrilla Girls On Tour