Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roofie Bomb on the Menu

Here's a photo of the "Roofie Bomb" on the menu at the Wild Wing Cafe. Apparently it is only on the menu in the Charlotte, NC Wild Wing Cafe franchise. How about a wild protest, feminists of North Carolina and beyond.

Roofie Bomb

Here’s a great action by feminist Erin L. of UNC Charlotte who has started a campaign against the Wild Wing Café for promoting a drink they call the “Roofie Bomb”. Who’d a thought someone could come up with something so exploitive, offensive and supportive of violence against women? Let’s all join Erin’s cause and write to the the Wild Wing Café at and ask them to pull the “Roofie Bomb” off the drinks lists. Here is a part of Erin’s letter to Wild Wing Café.

“…I went to the Charlotte University Wild Wing Cafe about a month ago. I had never looked at your drink menu (I usually just drink beer) prior to my last visit, but I was waiting for my food and bored so I flipped through it. I came across a drink offered in your menu that absolutely disgusted me and left me feeling angry and sick to my stomach: a "Roofie Bomb".

I am extremely disgusted at your company's decision to name a drink a "roofie bomb". I'm saddened to no end because rape and violence against women is such a serious issue that we, as a society, should be trying to stop NOT condone. I'm sure you have a sister, a mother, a female friend, or (depending on your sexual preference) a girlfriend. How would you feel if someone tried to take advantage of someone you love by slipping them a roofie and attempting to rape them? I can't imagine how I would feel if I was a rape victim and I read your drink menu. It's the subtle messages, such as naming a drink a "roofie bomb", that make sexual violence a little more accepted in our society. One in every six women will be a victim of rape or sexual assault. I don't know about you, but that's a scary number to me. Even worse, college women are four times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault and your University Area establishment is only a few miles from UNC-Charlotte.

You are knowingly promoting rape and date rape drugs. Is that really the image you want your establishment to have? You are normalizing something that greatly affects our society every day. A "roofie bomb" might sound innocent, but what is it really saying about Wild Wing Cafe's views on rape and date rape? Rape is not a joke, but your drink is making it one and downplaying the seriousness of the issue. Your choice of language, as small as it may be, has HUGE implications for our society.

I ask you as a human and as my sister or brother to remove the drink from your menu. Until that is done, you can guarantee that I will NEVER pay another penny to and Wild Wing Cafe nor will I promote your company ever again. I may be one person, but as a college student I have a huge network and I will not go silently. I will continue to express my disgust to anyone who will listen. Please, make the right choice….” - Erin

Guerrilla Girls On Tour just sent our letter to
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