Sunday, January 17, 2010


Aphra Behn and Hallie Flanagan recently attended the APAP conference in New York City. Our goal in attending the conference was to shmooze with fellow artists, meet new funny feminists and re-connect with pals from past conferences. Guerrilla Girls On Tour is trying to bring our brand of satirical activism to a new audience. We think that feminist theatre has a place in mainstream theatres across the US. But try convincing presenters that. It was interesting talking to the directors of theatres outside New York City who asked us how they could possibly sell a play with the “F” word in it. We reminded them that over half their audiences were women, that our shows actively engage the audience by making them laugh first and think second and that men and women crave theatre that boldly stands outside the sterotypical idea of what theatre by feminists looks like. Some took our materials and promised to think about that. In the meantime, we’ve added a button to our blog to donate to the cause. If you’d like to help send Guerrilla Girls On Tour to theatres across the US that could use a few women in gorilla masks proving feminists are funny a donation of any amount will be most appreicated.

See you in the jungle,
Guerrilla Girls On Tour