Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here is a story of an action that met with great success. Thanks to all who responded to Erin L’s action against the Wild Wing Café (for promoting and listing a drink on their menu called the “roofie bomb”.). She/We did it!. The drink is officially off the menu and an apology from Wild Wing Café has been issued. I hear that Erin L is graduating from UNC Charlotte this month and is heading for the jungle to become an official member of Guerrilla Girls On Tour!!!!

Here’s the letter Erin (and Guerrilla Girls On Tour) received from Wild Wing Café.


Let me start with a sincere apology for this distasteful mistake. Our NE
franchisee picked this drink menu & recipe off the internet. It was part of
a large file which they sent to the corporate office for their drink book.
The verbiage was then transferred in a word document and sadly escaped our
review. We are appalled that anyone thinks this is remotely funny. As a
female, founder, Vice President and marketer of this company it offends me
personally and it belies our corporate philosophy and our personal values.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I would appreciate it
if you would forward this response to the people you have contacted. You
can be assured that all menu books have been immediately removed and new
drink menus are being created.
If you would like to contact me personally
to further discuss this situation I can be reached at 843-216-0616.

Dianne Crowley
Vice President
Wings Over America