Monday, June 27, 2011

"Lesbian, Vagina, Feminist!" - our show at Lincoln Center

June 19, 2011

Dear Diary, 

Three days later and I'm still reeling from our show at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center - Target Free Thursdays! on June 16th.. The day started with a marathon 4-hour rehearsal. We then donned our new bright yellow jumpsuits designed by GGOT costumer Liz Claiborne and headed out. We quickly learned how difficult it is to hail a cab in New York City dressed as a Guerrilla Girl On Tour! Thank goodness for our rock star tech grrl Laura Keene. She saved the day and whisked us off to Lincoln Center. Upon arrival we were greeted by the amazing staff and coordinators of the Atrium - and instantly felt at home.

The show was a huge success and a fun romp through historical and current feminist and LGBTQI events and issues. At the end we were asked why we felt LGBTQI issues were relevant to our stated mission of focusing on discrimination and racism. Why do 'queer issues' become so important to feminists? Because the people of a culture cannot be free if one group is being discriminated against. The concerns of every minority group are the concerns of feminists. We then posed with audience members for photos - everyone from young feminists, to baby dykes, to a mom and her [5-year-old] daughter. The mom with the young girl told me that she was a single mom and that she went through college - as a women's studies major - with her child. She pointed to her daughter and said 'she's been to tons of feminist events already' - her face was full of pride and her smile absolutely lit the room. 

Last to leave were a group of senior citizens who came together in a van from their senior center. With walkers and canes they lined up, smiling and thanking us all for the show. We often look out on multi-generational audiences - but this time a truly diverse, and completely full group met our masked gaze. Many thanks to all! 

Until next time – Eva Le Gallienne

Dearest Blog,

A place you would take refuge in only if you were desperate to escape one more summer thunderstorm your mother didn't warn you about. That is how I remembered the public atrium at Lincoln Center. Not any more. The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center is gorgeous and green. The die-hard regulars enjoy sandwiches and Wi-Fi and Target Free Thursdays.

We members of Guerrilla Girls On Tour! didn't know what to expect. The audience is used to jazz music. They want their jazz music. They show up for their jazz music. Who are we? A bunch of feminist in masks and bright yellow jump suits carrying around a supply of ripe bananas and not so ripe statistics. Are we swanky? NO. Are we smooth? NO. Are we a little be-bop? Nah. But we did rock the house. Can I say that? Why not.

Thank you audience. Thank you playwright in the front row whose jaw hit the floor at the unbelievable statistics of women playwrights on Broadway from 1908 to the present. Thank you lovely woman in the front row who was holding too much in her hands to snap so tapped her feet instead. Thank you lovely man audience right who stepped in as the “question from the audience” guy when the first audience member backed out. Thank you first audience member for pulling out your glasses and giving the “question from the audience” your best shot. Thank you two lovely ladies from the all girls high school for loving the show and having a chat afterwards. Thank you younger sister from the Florida University who started the feminist blog on her college campus. Thank you older sister for introducing her. Thank you Julia Miles for producing plays by women and announcing those from your seat in the audience during “announcements from the audience”. Thank you everyone for supporting the Marriage Equality Bill. Thank you toddler for joining in the chant during the sound check. You are precious and adorable.

It was a happy, happy night.

xoEdith Evans

Dear GGOT Diary,

Wow! What an amazing show! We just performed at The Atrium at Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center! Can you believe it? It was all in honor of Gay Pride Month. And now, with the new ruling honoring gay marriage in New York, how apropos! We're so current :)

Right before we began making our entrance, I could feel that my wig was a little tighter than normal. And, as we grew nearer to the stage, I could feel it ejecting itself off of my head! It was like it was alive, and wanted no part of me! I just prayed that it would stay on, and not come flying off during our dance sequences! I tried to make jokes, but it was a serious deal. I never have wig problems! Eventually, I was able to move around enough pins to insure that I wouldn't loose it.

Finally, I could fully focus on the show - our energy was so high that the audience quickly got swept away in our feminist furor!

For me, there were two highlights of the night. The first came when I went into the audience to find a guy feminist. I looked out, and spotted a man who looked perfect. So, I go to him and ask him to participate in the show by reading a question. At first he was really excited. He even asked if he should come on stage! But then when it was time to read he started fumbling for his glasses, and it became pretty evident that he couldn’t do it….the words just weren't coming out right, then he looked at me and goes 'What does this mean?' I, myself, became confused! Do I walk away from this guy, and find someone else? Or should I force him, in true Julia Child style, to read the damn card? I decided to ask him what he wanted to do, and as I figured, he did not want the job. So now, on to find someone else! I asked the guy next to him. Nope. He wasn't into it. I called out into the general audience. No takers. I began feeling a little disheartened. Like I had blown the joke, and now, no one would be into it. But then, the girls started motioning toward a man who would do it! And he was great. Thank Goddess!

The second highlight was when we debuted our new song "Lesbian, Vagina, Feminist!". The audience sang, and clapped along with us. We totally rocked out with our vaginas out, and it was so much fun.

Thank you Lincoln Center – Next stop Avery Fisher Hall!


~Josephine Baker