Thursday, September 21, 2017


I am just back from the fabulous Decatur Book Festival!  Thanks to all the Atlanta feminists who showed up for “Act Like a Feminist Artist” on September 3rd (including a few who strayed away from DragonCon – also happening on the same weekend). If you have not been to the Decatur Book Festival mark you calendars for Labor Day Weekend of 2018. It is one of the best book festivals I have ever attended – panels, conversations, readings, author signings – nonfiction, poetry and fiction! And here is the best part – as with most book festivals it is FREE!

The weekend kicked off with  Journalism in our Current Environment – a conversation with Brooke Gladstone, Wesley Lowery, Carolyn Ryan.  Carolyn Ryan told a great story about how Trump would call the New York Times regularly during the 2016 presidential campaign and speak to ANYONE, including interns, about how he might get in the paper. Guess it was not the “Failing New York Times” to him back then.
With John T. Edge
I started Saturday by walking the intimate town of Decatur and stopping at the many festival stages including the culinary stage, local poetry stage and children’s stage.  Kettle Corn and BBQ from food truck vendors was my lunch and in the afternoon I was able to catch John T. Edge read from his new book “The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South”.  Fabulous!  At the authors reception that night I sat at a table with local book lovers from Decatur who shared with me the fact that Decatur was a blue dot in a red state.

Sunday was my presentation and I could not have asked for a more welcoming crowd!  I HEART DECATUR
The banana toss! 
I was also able to reconnect with a very old friend – Leslie and I had not seen each other for over 25 years.  We worked on many plays together while we both lived in LA.  It was great to see her again.

25 year reunion 
Fall is book festival time and I will be at the Baltimore Book Festival and the Montana Book Festival in the next two weeks. See you there!

SEPTEMBER 24 – I am at the Baltimore Book Festival

September 29 I am at the Montana Book Festival 


Aphra Behn