Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I recently was part of a conversation at a bar with a group of people from another country. One of the men at the table said "Wouldn't it be funny if Palin wins. She would run the country like a house. You'll eat your veggies and take your higher taxes and endless wars and you will like it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Needless to say I turned a couple of different colors.

Here are the answers that ran through my head:

1. How dare you. I don't know what goes on in your country, but in America, women don't have to run houses we can do what ever we want!!! (Not that there is anything wrong with running houses.)

2. Yeah buddy, well, I hate her for turning the conversation from Hillary Clinton, a capable leader, to lipstick and shopping sprees at expensive clothing stores.

3. I can’t say I hate her 'cause then it looks like I am a self hating woman. I love women. We can do anything.

4. AGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. (this one was accompanied with me bashing his head with a beer bottle and then taking his wallet and running)

So what did I say? Nothing. By the time I had picked which option to say the conversation had moved on.

I wonder what would have happened if I said what I thought.

Good night,
Gracie Allen
PS don't forget to vote
for Obama

The Home Stretch

Just read in the NY Times that conservatives see Sarah Palin’s future as very rosy. Even if she is not elected they will make a push for her as the presidential nominee in 2012. Guess my wish that she go away on November 5th will not happen. As a feminist theatre artist I stopped all male-bashing in my work as soon as Guerrilla Girls On Tour split from Guerrilla Girls in 2001. I find the prospect of continually confronting the conservative agenda in the form of Sarah Palin disheartening. Sure, she’s fodder for comedy but it is not very funny when some can‘t see the joke. How will the conservatives repair all the damage she herself has done to her image? We can only wait. Onwards, to the battle ground state of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh for our last tour stop before the election.

Aphra Behn
October 29, 2008