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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Real Eva Le Gallienne

After reading Aphra’s post of ‘who she is’, I thought I’d share a few lines about who Eva Le Gallienne is. As Aphra stated, Eva is my Guerrilla Girls On Tour name- so the following is true of the woman behind the mask: Like the real Eva, I am an out lesbian [and proud of it!] I am a survivor of rape, sexual and psychological abuse. This happened while I was married to my abuser. Yes: You can be raped by your husband. My first activist act was standing up to a corporation who wanted to build a cell phone and radio tower close to my home, when I was living in a small town in NJ. WE WON! After that, it was the [s]election of GW Bush in 2000 that motivated me to become a full-time activist-artist and travel around the country speaking out against the administration and the war. I hope to be an agent of change in this new era of Obama- both with and without my mask.

In Solidarity,
© 2008

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