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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guerrilla Girls On Tour U of Akron

For some reason the theatre at the Student Union at U of Akron where we performed last night had no idea of our tech needs or equipment even though we were booked by the women’s studies department last fall. Hence, our tech rehearsal was a combination of Julia Child and I going over the show with just props and people running in and out asking what we needed. We arrived at 1:30 in the pouring rain and didn’t really get started until 4:30PM.

Prior to that we had a lovely visit at the Akron Art Museum with Barbara Tannenbaum and the staff of the Akron Art Museum ( They gave us a tour of the gorgeous and spacious new museum. My favorite was sculpture by La Wilson and standing in front of a painting by Alma Thomas and having our picture taken.

We finished our tech at 6:30, went up at 7:15 and I must say out of disaster came a fabulous show with an even more fabulous audience. Julia’s wig flew off at the end but other than that the two of us were in top improv form. On to Eastern Michigan University.

Aphra Behn
© 2008

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