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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canada Diary #1

Oh! The joys of Thunder Bay Canada!

We spent the night between our Iowa and Canada shows in a cool Best Western overlooking Lake Superior in a town called Grand Marais, Minnesota. Leave it to Guerrilla Girls On Tour! to find a feminist restaurant on our overnight stop! Called “My Sister’s Place” - the RESTAURANT had an anti-discrimination theme and some of the best comfort food I’ve ever tasted!

The next day we crossed through the Canadian border to perform at Lakehead University. The theatre we performed in was a 70s style theatre with limited lighting effects, but we still managed to have a great tech, with yet another fantastic student volunteer, who learned very quickly. We retired to our dressing room, a gym locker room, and got pumped for the performance.

After an 70 minute laugh filled show, (including lots of enthusiasm from our audience), we had another great Q&A. When asked who we thought was a great contemporary role model for young women, I paused until the answer came to me - Guerrilla Girls On Tour!!!

We actually had several children in the audience, including two 10 yr old girls who posed with us and asked us lots of questions. They wanted to sing “Size 2 Pants” with us, despite not knowing the words, so we sang along with them as they stumbled through the lyrics. They gave me hope for the younger generation of future Guerrilla Girls On Tour.

My Gorilla self loved the drive along Lake Superior, even thought it was cold and snowy on the way back. When we hit the Canadian/US border not only was our rental car searched but something in my suitcase set off the alarms at the airport and I received a full patdown from the TSA. In addition, our last flight was delayed, so we had a cast party in the Minneapolis Airport, drinking flights of wine in the wine bar in our concourse.

The wine made my head spin and recall the warm, appreciative audiences in both Iowa and Canada. Ican't wait to see what's next!

Lots of monkey love,

Audrey Hepburn

March 31, 2011

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