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These 59 theatres will not be producing a single play by a woman on their main stages for the 2012/13 season.  Girlcott these theatres.  Do not buy a ticket.  Write/Call the Artistic Director and ask why they are not producing women playwrights.  Let them know that sexism in theatre is unacceptable.

Actors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY
Detroit Repertory Theater, Detroit MN
13th Street Repertory Company, NY
Astoria Performing Arts Center, NY
Actor's Theatre, Pheonix
Interact Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA
Swine Palace, Baton Rouge, LA
Court Theatre Chicago, IL (no female directors either)
A.D. Players Houston, TX
Rep Stage Columbia, MD
Adventure Stage Chicago, IL
SF Playhouse, San Francisco 
New Stage Theatre, Jackson, MS *
Seattle Shakespeare Company, WA *
Theater for a New Audience, NYC, NY *
Florida Studio Theatre, Sarasota, Florida *
Ford’s Theatre, Washington, DC * (female director either)
Connecticut Repertory Theater, Storrs, CT *
Book-It Repertory Theater, Seattle WA *
Texas Repertory Theater, Houston Texas *
SecondStory Repertory, Redmond WA *
California Repertory Company, Longbeach CA *  
Mariemont Players, Cincinnati, OH *
Community Playhouse, Tullahoma TN *
Lucille Ball Theatre, Jamestown NY *      
Workshop Theatre Company,  NYC, NY
Jackson County Community Theatre, Brownston IN *
Raven Theater, Chicago IL * (but 3 of 4 plays directed by women)
Remy Bumppo, Chicago IL *
The House Theatre, Chicago IL *(also no female directors)
Hypocrites, Chicago IL *
Writers Theater, Chicago IL *
Clinton County Civic Theatre, Frankfort IN *
Fort Wayne Civic Theatre, FT. Wayne IN *(2 of 3 plays directed by women)
The Acting Company, New York NY (no female directors either) 
Marin Shakespeare Company, San Rafael CA *
Olney Theatre Center, Olney ND *
Pearl Theatre Company, New York NY (no female director either)
Classic Stage Company, New York NY * (no female director either)
The Colony Theatre, Burbank CA *
Writer’s Theatre, Glencoe IL (1/3rd of one musical by a woman)
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, Harrisburg PA *
St. Michael’s Playhouse, Colchester VT *
Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington DC *
Crede Repertory Theatre, Crede CO *
New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane, New Orleans LA *  
Bristol Riverside Theatre, Bristol PA *
Guthrie Theatre (no female director either), Minneapolis MN *
Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville GA *
American Repertory Theater, Cambridge MA *
Bickford Theatre,  Morristown NJ *
Actor’s Shakespeare Project, Somerville, MA *
Lantern Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA *
Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT *
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Madison, NJ *
Triad Stage, Greensboro, NC *
The Western Stage, Salinas, CA *
Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA *
American Blues Theatre, Chicago, IL *  
* indicates multiple years on the Girlcott List

 More bad news:

THIRTEEN theatres that were on the GOOD NEWS LIST last year 
are now on the GIRLCOTT List!!! 

The following theatres went from prouducing 50% or more plays by women 
to producing NO plays by women on their mainstages:

Actors Theatre of Louisville, Detroit Repertory Theater, Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, 
13th Street Repertory Company, Astoria Performing Arts Center,  Actor's Theatre, 
Interact Theatre Company, Swine Palace, Court Theatre, A.D. Players, Rep Stage, 
Adventure Stage,  SF Playhouse 

Theatres from last year we were unable to verify:
Lofte Community Theater(no update for 2013)
Hangar Theater (no season information on their homepage)
Kaufman Civic County Theatre (no homepage found)
Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company (no concrete information on their homepage, only plans to produce complete works of William Shakespeare)
Peninsula Players (no update since October)
The Antaeus Company (only lists holiday event)
Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre Mars Hill, NC (no update for 2013)
Organic Theater Chicago (Only lists holiday season)
11:11 Theatre Company Boston, MA (homepage does not work)
Telluride Repertory Theater Company Telluride, CO (no information about playwrights)
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater Grand Lake, CO (no information for 2013)

Compiled by Vera Paulmann

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