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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I woke up this morning with a funny feeling and I realized it was happiness. Is this what it felt like for the people of Germany when the Berlin wall came down? It is a good feeling.

Hope was in the air yesterday when I went to vote…long lines, excitement. Could this really be happening?

On the way to vote I passed a Catholic school. The 8th graders were out for recess. They were cheering and clapping for people going to and from voting. They would ask “did you vote for Obama?” and when they go a yes they high-fived each other and cheered. I thought- this is something, I want this to happen for those kids. I want that enthusiasm and hope rewarded. The future voters deserve this as much as the current voters.

But would it happen? I voted I got a tear in my eye; I walked by the kids and got high- fived. I got another tear in my eye.

Many years ago I was a Catholic school kid cheering people on to vote and then Reagan won. I didn’t understand. I remember seeing all the old Republicans cheering, wearing weird straw hats and red white and blue vests. I was so disappointed.

I’m happy to know that this year’s group of Catholic school kids got their wish. And I suppose the little school kid inside me finally got what she wanted too.

Thank you Americans.

Gracie Allen
© 2008

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