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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Said goodbye to McCain in Michigan

We had a grand old time in Michigan. A big Bon Voyage party for the man of the hour, John McCain, who had just recently left Michigan with his entire campaign. Not enough promise of winning the state, it seems. The crowd was very live, and they didn't let the recession get 'em down while they were clapping to the Bailout Blues. One woman, during our talkback, freaked out about a picture of the Pope holding hands with George Bush. The entire audience was up in arms with "the catholics molest boys" this and "hey, i'm catholic and we're talking about the marriage of church and state" that and on and on. Quite the party. I actually think the woman that got upset was the pope in a "woman from the audience" costume. He was trying to relax undercover in Farmington Hills, MI with a little entertainment, but it backfired on him. Hit a little too close to home. Thought somebody was sniffing him out. Pope, it's not always about YOU! Sometimes it's about saying farewell to John McCain!

Julia Child

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