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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Michigan Accomplished!

Our Michigan tour was great! It was one of my favorite tours so far. I wasn't really sure, at first, how we would be greeted. I was a bit worried that we would be met with a bunch of McCain lovin', women haters. But, to my relief, they loved us! They stayed with us throughout the entire show. And we received a standing ovation in the end.

I have to admit, I was a little tired in the beginning, and kept losing my place. How humiliating, right? My pages were mixed up and everything! Luckily, Aphra was there to refocus me. But, by the Sarah Palin section, I was fully re energized, and going strong. I had so much fun. The audience laughed, and clapped along with us.

After the show, during our Q & A, an audience woman asked if a person could be a feminist and still not believe in abortion. A pretty good question, I thought. Aphra answered by saying that a person can if they respect another woman's right to choose. Audience Lady then continued by saying that she was offended by our slide depicting GWB hand in hand with the Pope. She started screaming that she was Catholic, obviously not getting one thing that we were talking about. Because if she would have been paying attention, she would have understood that the slide wasn't calling the Pope gay. We were just saying there's no separation between Church and State. She was obviously one of those on-the-fencers’s. It ended with her screaming her way into the lobby, and out the door. Hilarious! It was so exhilarating!

Michigan accomplished,
Josephine Baker
October 4, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Good job Guerrilla Girls On Tour! You rocked the house!
xxoo Michigan feminist